Friday, December 27, 2013

Cheers to almighty

Today I start another year in my life. My day started with calls from my parents and that was great blessing indeed.
I decided to write a letter to God. As I started, I wondered whether I should write about what I haven't achieved or should I count my blessings and so I started with blessings..and the result was humbling..I have so much to count.
Firstly the year that has gone by was so much better than last year. Hope the next year is better than previous year. I have completed half my life on earth and he has given me so much that I can' thank him enough. A beautiful daughter, loving parents, wonderful husband, a great brother, a loving family, good health, an adorable pet, great monies and you gave me great friends and house of my own.
He gave me strength to rise above all adversities and gave me a spiritual pursuit.He gave me a Guru to guide me through all woes of life. If I look around, I see people struggling with no love, no monies, no children, no family, no health...and then I realized I am so blessed.

Having said this is what I plan for the coming years and hope he blesses me.

I have started my business and plan to start an educational school. A school that will help children get education. Will teach them better values, health and healthy outlook.It will not be something that just mints money. I plan to start an NGO that can support women in distress, give them employment and create livelihood support . I plan to live in hills and meditate a bit longer each day. So I remain closer to him.

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  1. Very beautifully written...we all should be thankful for all the little things God has given us and not take it for granted !!