Monday, April 30, 2012

My ex and current Flame

I have been watching the trees in my residential complex, whole 20 days passed and there was still no activity. Then I wasn’t around for a week, so I missed my walk with Teio. Yesterday, suddenly as scanned the trees absent mindedly, I noticed small clusters of orangey red flowers breaking through the green foliage of Gulmohur Trees.  I was so delighted  that I started humming the song “ Gulmohur gaar tumahara naam hota” I have no clue who sang this song but  I think it’s very beautiful  and romantic too...Just doing apt justice to the flowers. The orange canopy makes scorching summer heat tolerable and beautiful, a relief for thirsty soul. So aptly called Flame tree
The older the tree, the more beautiful its foliage. In my childhood, I lived in defence area in Range Hills, in Pune. There were many old cottages/bungalows with huge compound around it and all of them had a Gul mohur tree right at entrance. Each tree, in full bloom was a like painting created by God. No leaves, just enveloped in the orangey red bloom. My hobby was to watch the shapes that each Gulmohur tree created and even today, whenever I pass through that area I can't take my eyes off those trees. As children, we ate a part of the flower too.
My concept of house was to have a Gulmohur tree in the courtyard and I fulfilled it in virtual space. When I played Farmville on Facebook, I had a row of Gulmohur trees lined up in front of my cottageJ)))