Monday, April 30, 2012

My ex and current Flame

I have been watching the trees in my residential complex, whole 20 days passed and there was still no activity. Then I wasn’t around for a week, so I missed my walk with Teio. Yesterday, suddenly as scanned the trees absent mindedly, I noticed small clusters of orangey red flowers breaking through the green foliage of Gulmohur Trees.  I was so delighted  that I started humming the song “ Gulmohur gaar tumahara naam hota” I have no clue who sang this song but  I think it’s very beautiful  and romantic too...Just doing apt justice to the flowers. The orange canopy makes scorching summer heat tolerable and beautiful, a relief for thirsty soul. So aptly called Flame tree
The older the tree, the more beautiful its foliage. In my childhood, I lived in defence area in Range Hills, in Pune. There were many old cottages/bungalows with huge compound around it and all of them had a Gul mohur tree right at entrance. Each tree, in full bloom was a like painting created by God. No leaves, just enveloped in the orangey red bloom. My hobby was to watch the shapes that each Gulmohur tree created and even today, whenever I pass through that area I can't take my eyes off those trees. As children, we ate a part of the flower too.
My concept of house was to have a Gulmohur tree in the courtyard and I fulfilled it in virtual space. When I played Farmville on Facebook, I had a row of Gulmohur trees lined up in front of my cottageJ)))


  1. Gulmohar and amaltaas....smita what a topic to write about. flaming gulmohar trres lined our house in lucknow too. the pix are lovely...both of ur current place of residence??

  2. Unfortunately both are from net. But next time I am in Pune I ma going to take the pics of the Gulmohur trees and the Laburnum is now right out side my house....
    Did you ever eat the middle portion of the Gulmohur flower, its slightly sour but interesting to eat

  3. no I have never eaten it :) will try next time. I was always scared of the forest survival; tagline which says 'the brighter the flower or fruit, more chances of it being poisonous'.