Monday, April 28, 2014

A funeral procession

One of the most poignant moment of life is when you are running to catch up with client meetings or some such urgent stuff and a funeral procession passes by. The sad trail of flowers tell a story of a life that has just ended. They always make me sad, as next moment somebody walks all over it and a few moments later, nobody remembers it.
A funeral procession, in my experience, always halts the madness mind and makes me aware that no matter how urgent all things are, they will end one day. And the same way irrespective of what your position is or however important your errand is.
The other day, I again witnessed my thoughts halting as I watched a procession pass by. But this time I had the opportunity to observe the whole thing from an inside of a car. The car had to slow down and I kind of passed this whole thing in slo mo giving me ample time to observe it closely. I realized a funny side to this otherwise painful departure.  I observed there were various types of people who were in that procession. Leading the whole thing was probably the son who looked visibly distraught , followed by the relatives and followed by friends and then to the end followed by people who you can clearly see, have got dragged into this . If you closely observe the intensity of grief is marked by the placement of the person in the order of the procession. So the people most affected by the death are towards the beginning. And the people to the end are the ones who are reluctantly, show face types, participating in the final journey. One can actually see people talking on cell phones or busy gossiping while the poor soul is on his final journey. I always wonder what the departed must be thinking about this journey. Can that person read the thoughts of the reluctant mourners.I once saw some group of people who were trailing way behind actually joking or laughing on some thing.But then again, why should one mop and cry, life is about moving on.And these guys are just the perfect example of the same.

Have I done this? I am mightly embarrassed to say, yes. The only excuse I have is that I was insensitive and only 10 years old when I did that.

( Note- This is a picture from Net and is a representation of the story not an actual picture. Writer has no claims to the picture)