Friday, July 22, 2016

My frangrant treasures

I got up very early today and couldn't sleep. Stepped out in the balcony to see the new flower on my Madanbaan Mogra and a mini Tagar( moon beam) fully bloomed.

I smiled joyfully. Life suddenly started feeling great. So decided to take Teio for a walk.

It had stopped raining and was misty and looked beautiful. I met a lot of school going  children on the way.
Children are lovely to watch. Some smile, some are talking to themselves, some are in awe of me (me having the dog actually). Others are being dragged to school. And some just side step when they see me ( these are the ones who are told that dogs bite you ). There is a certain freshness to them. Unlike adults who walk to offices. Adults are dead people with worried looks/frowns/ burdened in life look. No joy watching them.

I passed by the regular road and suddenly there was on heavenly fragrance. I looked around and then up, there was an Ananth - Gardenia, blooming with many flowers and I was mesmerised.

It lingered with me, enough to keep me smiling through the day.