Thursday, December 26, 2013

Anger doesn't remain and nor do we

I had a strange experience a year back or so. I neighbor of mine used to park his car in such a way that it would it would make it difficult to remove the bikes parked just beside it. The bikes then would end up scratching his car's bumper. One day I happen to meet the guy just as his car pulled up. I went up to him and requested that if could park his car a little ahead, it would help the situation. I also felt that he will be thankful because I was looking out for his car. To my utter horror, the guy rolled down his windows and screamed his lungs out stating that it was his parking and he can choose to park in whichever way. Other peoples convenience wasn't his problem. And that he will not like someone coming and instructing him where to park his car. I was with a friend and we both were flabbergasted. I was too pissed to say anything further and said 'FINE'. The neighbours wife was also in passenger seat. The poor woman looked very embarrassed. Me and my friend left the place wondering if the guy had lost his marbles and probably comes from a land where they don't know how to talk to a woman. I, of course cursed him and muttered in anger if he is going to take his parking along with him to heaven too.

I kept bumping into him often, especially on morning walks. I was mad at him so I looked away or avoided him. He was embarrassed so he looked away. As a few months passed, I came to know that he was a nice person. So I wondered then why did he behave in that fashion. Later I came to know that he was suffering from cancer. So I wondered whether that was the day that may be his bad report had come in but then I felt that still doesn't give you a right to behave badly.  As few more months went by, I rarely saw him. He had become frail and walked like an old man( he was in his 50's). I had long stopped feeling resentful towards him.

Time passed. I often walked in the morning and whenever I saw him, I wondered if should go up to him and talk.But I lacked the courage or reason or will, I don't know, to go up to him and talk.

Life went by and this morning I got the news that he passed away.And I felt a strange remorse that I too never gave him an opportunity to make amends.

As the old saying goes- Life is too short to hold anything....
certainly anger and resentment.

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