Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The times when I saw movies@ Rs.1.80 - What a feeling !!!

We were not allowed much pocket money when I was in college. I came from a household that strictly believed that money spoils children. So whatever your need, you had to place it in front of parents. And they would fulfill what they thought were appropriate. You had no scope to throw tantrums. The bus fare was 50 paise one way. I would cycle up and save the money in junior college. The fare that was saved was used up to buy a samosa or some earring or the best use it was put to was to watch English movies.  The most disappointing thing about college life was no 5 day week. Now after being in a 5 day week school, this was most torturous aspect. The only bright thing was Alankar Theatre in Pune used to play Morning shows of English movies. So we would run for 9 am show and finish by 11am to reach college just in time.
I saw many movies in those two years, most of them I have forgotten but some distinctly I remember were- Flashdance, The Promise by Danielle Steel, Saturday Nite Fever, Grease and many more.It was cheap, affordable and fun. All in all, I had so much fun in very little allowance.Today the whole movie outing is a super expensive trip. I think Flashdance stayed in my mind because I kept humming What a Feeling..all thorough my cycling Jennifer Beals style :). I think also believed that Yeh Vada Raaha was a better version
of The Promise ;) 
I would tell my mom about these movie businesses or where I went out with who but never my dad for sure. My mom had explicit trust in me and I think that's something intrinsic to and also wonderful about a mother-daughter relationship. And I think I was a good child who never complained about anything.

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