Monday, February 17, 2014

I love

I was thinking the other day what all do I love and how would I love to live? We loosely say I love this or that or I would love to have this or that but when you decide to write it down its tough to answer. So started to write it and here it goes-
Just putting down random thoughts on what I love in life-

- I love to live by the mountains
- Where there is a lovely brook running alongside the mountains..( yes I have to been to this picture perfect place in Himachal Pradesh and I had my two friend with me as witnesseses
I like the gurgling sound that a small brook makes
- I love to be surrounded by trees
- I love flowers and vibrant colors
- I love to have a cosy cottage over any stupid sky rises and gated cities
- Would love to play with mud and have a garden to dig.
- Throw seeds around and watch them grow
- Lie on the grass and read new books
- Teach street children
- Have more dogs than one
- Walk miles everyday
- Meditate to rising sun everyday
- Stitch or make quilts out of old clothes
- Take EkTaara sing like Parvati Baul. I think I was a Baul in my last life
- Feed hungry people every day
- Take my cycle and go wandering.

Try doing this you will find it funny and also realise may be you are living a very different life.

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