Thursday, October 9, 2014

Morning walk with Teio

I have to drag myself out of bed whether I like it or not, to walk my dog. There are some days that I just don't feel like it but one has to walk the dog. Walking with a her has its own set of perks, she likes ambling, sniffing and therefore very little scope to walk but has a great opportunity to observe things along the way.
Not only I make new friends but I also discover new shrubs, flowers, mushrooms etc.. Since the builder is still developing the property, I sometimes find things that they have discarded.Once, I found bag full of small pebbles, colored stones. I filled a handful of them in a transparent jar. They really looked lovely.
Sometimes I find small snakes.Sometimes a wounded puppy. A distraught 10th standard municipal school boy who bunked classes. I ended up teaching English and helped him to complete his homework.
I know every tree, every parasite that grows on the tree. One place has three palm trees in succession. If you ever pass this place at 6.30 am, there is so much twittering that is almost like hundreds of birds shouting at one time.
When I pass the temple premises, the light aroma of Parijat flowers, that lies strewn like fallen stars on the ground, waiting to be picked up.
Then there are various shapes of men and women. Some funnily attired. Some unique in their ways. Notable among them are one middle aged man who wears pink track pants. Yes! bubble gum pink. I am always aghast at that sight and also suspect that they definitely must be his wife's.
Then there these few women who gossip about their MIL's or in-laws. They have been walking for so many years and I haven't seen any difference in their weight. Obviously gossiping while walking slows the pace. Then of course, the one super hot woman who sets the pulse rate on fire for all men around. Women hate her. She is a delight and really makes exercising fun for all.

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